Cookbook for the end of the world

8 September 2021


Venue: Antiuni Online: Virtual Classroom 1

Organiser: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

This 2h hands-on workshop invites 10 participants to look at the format of recipes as a way of capturing the past, present and future of our families, agricultural realities and eating habits in light of climate change.


  • Introduction We’ll take a look at approaches to food, domesticity and climate change. We’ll also look at cookbook formats of the past, especially those produced by artists or in creative contexts.

  • DIY You’ll either come with a recipe of your own, change it during the workshop, not change it at all or write one from scratch.

  • Share back You’ll be invited to talk through your recipe with the group.

  • Contribute (optional) You’ll be invited to donate your recipe to the cookbook which will be turned into a free digital and non-profit print publication.