Crafting Better Sex Ed

22 June 2019


Venue: Finsbury Park (near Manor House Entrance), N4 2NQ

Organiser: Emma Chan

Emma is interested in sexual health and education. She is a facilitator for Sexplain, an inclusive and sex positive charity which delivers the SRE curriculum to secondary schools across the UK. She is currently taking an open-ended break from training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, mostly to write a blog about genitals at

Many people feel that the education they received around sexual health was lacking. Embarrassment, unease and wild misinformation seem to abound when talking about the birds and the bees. How do we overcome this? Perhaps through a fun, engaging and accessible medium such as arts and crafts!

Come join us in the park, roll up your sleeves and grab some sticky backed plastic to find out more! Explore your own experiences, attitudes and ideas around Sex Ed using friendly, informal discussions and practical crafting exercises.

Maybe you are a teacher or parent wondering how you can start to approach issues around ‘the talk’ and intimate health with young people? Maybe you are a professional working specifically in this area and would like to share your own ideas? Or maybe you would just like to complain to sympathetic folk about that time you were made to put a condom on a cucumber by your PE teacher. Whichever it is, join us in the park and do it through craft!

There will be glue sticks, there will be play dough, there will be (vegan) cake!