Deep Listening: an introduction

7 June 2020


Venue: Conway Hall [online location]

Organiser: Blanc Sceol

“Listening is directing attention to what is heard, gathering meaning, interpreting and deciding on action.” (Pauline Oliveros)

During this time your internal and external soundscapes may have changed, perhaps imperceptibly, gradually or dramatically. Through the Deep Listening® practice, as developed by the late composer/activist/artist Pauline Oliveros, we will focus on listening and sound making as a way in to a greater awareness of our acoustic ecologies, inside and out, by opening our ears to our surroundings and the sonic tapestries of our individual environments, and bringing into focus our listening as a kind of activism, a process of self-discovery and sonic self-care. Through Deep Listening® exercises, bodywork, and ’Sonic Meditations’ - text scores written by Oliveros in 1971 - we will connect, move and sound with our surroundings, expanding our awareness of the sonic environment, externally and internally, in a collaborative, experimental and playful way, for personal and community growth.

This workshop is open to all with no previous experience needed, just a willingness to participate!

The workshop is facilitated by Banc Sceol - artists and certified Deep Listening® practitioners Stephen Shiell & Hannah White.