Ecological Intervention Research Group

9 June 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]

Organiser: Helen Client Culture

Helen Moore - Editor of Creative Publisher Client Culture, artist, writer and Permaculture practising gardener will be hosting the first meeting for the ‘Ecological Intervention Research Group’.

The ‘Ecological Intervention Research Group’ will act as a space for artists, activists, historians, gardeners and anyone else who has a shared interest in the ecological, collaborative and imaginative.

This first event hopes to bring together a diverse group of people from varying backgrounds, experience and levels of knowledge.

You could be an artist interested in incorporating issues around the earth, exploring themes around the history, present or future rights to the land, documenting through photography innovative ideas, have an interest in exploring what public space means, or maybe you want to grow plants in an act of defiance. Everyone and all ideas and types of work are welcomed.

This first event will be an online via ZOOM, acting to bring those interested in creating around ecological themes together to share their work and ideas and what they feel is important to explore during this time.

This initial meeting will act as a starting point for future meetings, and threads of discussion formed in the first AntiUniversity event will be formed into topics and further explored in the second AntiUniversity event.

These two events and your ideas will help to actively guide the direction we as a group decide to take in the future.

We will initially be working towards creating shared resources called ‘The imaginary Seed Bank’. This will begin as a series of google docs which will be created that people from ‘The Ecological Intervention Research Group’ can have access and add ideas too and will also act to allow for conversations from meet-ups to continue.

Creativity, resourcefulness, the sharing of knowledge, education and hope will be key functions of this group.

For the first meeting please think about a 10 min introduction to your work/ideas/hopes for the future, and ideas of what you’d be interested in the group to explore. Please mute your microphone during a person presenting their idea to avoid distortion and to maintain clear communication.