Fill a Sketchbook… GCSE Style!

13 June 2018


Venue: Arbeit Studios, 49 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, E9 5EN

Organiser: Helen Wilson

Helen Wilson is an artist working predominantly in sculpture, film and performance. I like nothing more than thinking and making work and thinking of making work but sometimes seem to find it hard. I have created a piece called Portable Studio, which is where I carry around my tools, materials and inspiration with me to create work on the go and opened this up for others to join me on my journey, together becoming Portable Studio Society. This event ‘Fill a sketchbook… GCSE Style!’ as part of AntiUniversity is another way of trying to give myself and others in a similar position a space to make art and focus on the simplicity of creating a sketchbook in a supportive environment.


ART GCSE days were simple. Relatively.

You get a theme, draw a mind map, you experiment, look at artists’ work for inspiration, develop your ideas and create a final piece.

I teach this shit to kids and get jealous every time I explain the simple structure, the tick boxes, the exam board’s encouragement of trying out different techniques for the hell of it and above all, I crave having a tutor who sits there offering advice and support, affirmation of ideas and general chat.

Therefore, I propose we get together and each become both tutor and student helping each other out as we create a simple themed sketchbook. You can pick a theme title from your head or from a list, create your mind-map and start experimenting with different media and maybe even create a “final piece”.

This is a drop-in event from 3pm-8pm taking place in my modest sized studio. All welcome, no experience in anything needed, no pressure, no expectations. BYOS(ketchbook) There will be some materials offered but please also bring your own and donations welcome towards my materials, printing, tea etc.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me