15 June 2018


Venue: Unit 2 Grosvenor Way London E5 9ND

Organiser: RARA SCHOOL

RARA School is a platform for theme-based public workshops, combined with provocative discussions, making and action. It aims to ignite discussions around the socio-political meanings of making culture as well as to take tangible actions with what we make. RARA School launched with its intriguing first session 'Social Distillery' in which looked into the historical transition of God worshiping paternalistic state to money worshiping capitalist society through the lens of alcohol, alongside a theoretical practice of building a still. Since then, it ran various workshops such as Land Rite, Architecture as Social Practise, and Puppetry Ventriloquism and Inner Politics.

What we wear is judged, outlawed, admired or ignored. Dressing ourselves is a form of self expression but it can also make a political point. In these turbulent times of Tory austerity, combined with a global political and environmental shit-storm, it’s time we wore our heart on our sleeves. Don’t hide behind smart, well dressed trends, it’s time to SHOUT.

In this afternoon session we’ll talk about how clothing is used as a political tool and create our own bright statement pieces. Bring an old hat or item of clothing that you want to up-cycle or just turn up and use the junk that we’ve collected. We have some fabric, sewing machines and bits and pieces. Join us at RARA, a laid back open access carpentry workshop in Clapton, where we will wear what we make (and head to the closing party to make our voices loud and clear).

  • You are welcome to bring some food and drinks to share for dinner.