1 May 2020


Venue: GARDENS OF EARTHLY DELIGHT [online location]

Organiser: Jessica Wetherly

@Gardensofearthlydelights is a project exploring a positive perspective emerging through the confinement of the Covid-19 pandemic: the opportunity to acknowledge a living world that normally passes us by; a family of woodlice on your wall, a party of snails on the patio, new buds bursting forth on the trees. We have been living in ways increasingly divorced from the ecosystem we live in, cities are concrete jungles and the countryside is intensively farmed.

Gardens of earthly delights is interested in how to escape our walls and get out into the wilderness; to find ways to think and see differently and we would like you to share with us your garden, be it a window box, a plant that has grown through the cracks in the pavement, a patch of earth that you are lucky enough to call your own, a pocket of land you pass, the local park or even an artwork you have tacked to your wall. Please send us a short narrated video: a virtual tour whether it is an apocalypse or eden, imagined or real, let’s be curious, lets take pleasure in the simple things.

Re-imagine, discover and document the world in front of you. Send a short video, poem, play, text, observation or response in .jpg or .mp4 format, with your name(s), email, instagram handle, a short description and any hashtags by emailing: