Get Lost Artist Walk

16 June 2019


Venue: From outside Squash, 112-114 Windsor Street, Liverpool L8 8EQ

Organiser: Anna B Sexton

Anna B. Sexton is an artist and facilitator who works with everyday creativity. She is inspired by the places and environments we all live, work & play in as individuals and as part of communities. These walks invite us to take maybe familiar or different routes with new creative perspectives to change how we feel about ourselves and those around us.

Get Lost Artist Walk

16th June 2019

12noon - 3pm

Getting lost can be just the ticket to discovering new things about ourselves and the communities that we live…

Let your curiosity be your guide and find inspiration in unexpected places.

We will start off this ‘un-guided’ walk from outside Squash 112-114 Windsor Street L8 8EQ at 12 noon. Where we end is down to how the walk unfolds…

Family friendly and accessible - the pace of the walk is very manageable with a buggy or if you use a wheelchair.

Young and old are welcome as this brings a great richness to our conversations along the way, especially discovering hidden histories just a step away.

The streets we will walk hold the stories of the wealth of diverse cultural histories and disapora. Everyone who make up our communities are welcome. It’s free to take part.

Bring your sketch book, camera phone, camera, dictaphone…

Be prepared to lose yourself in a well paced walk, connect with other walkers in conversations & discover new connections & synchronicities whilst out wandering.

Check the weather, bring decent walking attire and water.