Green Basilisk: A Psychogeographical Larp

21 June 2019


Venue: Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6AB

Organiser: Alex Brown

Alex is interested in DIY practices of co-creation, he co-founded Antiuniversity, is a member of collectively owned Clapton CFC, and involved in recent experimentation with three-sided football. He is interested in the politics of play and how larp can be a force for rejecting spectacular capitalism.

What is the Green Basilisk? Is it true that just by knowing about it, you will be tortured for the rest of your living days? Set in an unfamiliar urban landscape, the time travellers are looking for answers. They want to find out what happened, what were the mistakes that society made that led to this unspoken environmental catastrophe, and if it’s possible to go back and change things.

This is an urban larp by Alex Brown which brings together practices of psychogeography and larp through themes of society, time travel and anti-capitalism.

Larp is an acronym for live action role play though often used as a standalone term. The practice involves embodying a character in an immersive fictional setting and co-creating play with others. Everyone is welcome and no prior experience is necessary, the pre-larp workshop will cover all techniques needed in the larp.

It involves long periods of walking around outside (around 2 hours) with short breaks along the way. Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for the weather. The larp will finish in a different place to the starting venue.

Please RVSP through Eventbrite, this activity relies on a planning for a known number of players. If you have any questions or accessibility requirements then please get in touch.