How To Host Your Own DIY Feminist Festival

14 June 2018


Venue: Canvas Cafe, 42 Hanbury St, London, E1 5JL

Organiser: Sophie Yates Lu

Sophie Yates Lu has co-organised and facilitated various free events in London including: Feminist Solidarity Fest, What Women Want 2.0, Clear Lines, and Beyond The Wage Gap. Joining her will be feminist organisers who have organised, run and funded sell-out events - speakers tbc.

Have you ever thought about running a festival or event in London? Come to this free informal workshop run by feminist organisers who have organised, run and funded a number of popular festivals and events in the UK.

Our speakers will talk about their experiences of organising sell-out events, give attendees some useful tips about organising and funding, and facilitate a brainstorming session. Bring your ideas for ace events or festivals and we’ll help you think about what steps you need to take next, and how to plan your very own DIY feminist (or other) festival!