21 June 2019


Venue: The Montpelier, 3 Choumert Road, London SE15 4AR

Organiser: Evening Class + Demystification Committee

Evening Class is an experiment in self-organised education that has been active since January 2016. It's a space where we can cultivate common interests, develop research and collectively decide the class’s programme from our space in Aberfeldy Street, Poplar. Our programme takes the form of public workshops, talks and debates, reading groups, radio broadcasting, performances, walks, and publishing. The Demystification Committee studies the intensities of late capitalism, with an ongoing focus on the relationship between sovereignty and capital, and on the friction between networks and power structures. Established in 2016, the Demystification Committee is chaired from London and Berlin.

The Demystification Committee investigates self-organising nonhuman beings in their debut short film INTERFACE CHAOS, accompanied by an original soundtrack by SKY H1.Two palm trees endemic to a single island in the archipelago of the Seychelles search for a home and a means to live and love, interfacing with the chaos of nature. This land is shared with Money, self-organising according to an accumulative logic and creating a chaos of interfaces, such as the tax haven of the Seychelles, in order to cover its actions.As nonhuman intelligences following their own intrinsic logic, the sentience of palms and Money produce different landscapes. While the palms break free from scripts and fallibly experiment in their search for new paths, marking the landscape with signs such as the mysterious coconut they produce, Money acts as a tool of measure and rationalisation, preoccupied with shielding every interface, or node, of its survival network, leaving little or no trace.Through the signs left behind by palms and calculating facades of Money, INTERFACE CHAOS explores forces and intensities, doors and membranes, entries and exits. The screening will be followed by a conversation with the artist hosted by Evening Class, touching on the themes of chaos, nonhuman sentience and survival interfaces, and by a Q&A with the audience.