Introduction to Play

16 June 2019


Venue: Royal Exchange Theatre, Swan Studios, St Ann's Square, Manchester, M2 7DH

Organiser: Susanna Amato

Susanna Amato is an internationally trained actress, clown, director and theatre maker based in Manchester. She has performed all around the UK at leading arts festivals, in public libraries, heritage sites, as a street performer, and in several professional theatres.

Introduction to Play is a practical workshop open to actors and non-actors! The workshop consists of games and exercises devised to investigate a whole range of comic possibilities open to the performer, speaker or presenter. This is a practical exploration of playing in groups and doing lots moving about to music - something we often stop doing as adults. Play is a great way of introducing spirit into a work place or rehearsal room. It’s perfect for people who would like develop their presence and step out of their comfort zone! Don’t worry there is no obligation to ‘perform’ or to do a ‘show’. You will discover a new-found freedom; it will also encourage you to take risks in order to discover something new. Many discover being more: open, lighter, responsive, relaxed, playful and impulsive. Workshop includes: warm up, games, exercises, feedback and Q&A, as well as eclectic music from around the world!