Keeping One Eye on the Clock: investigating labour and folk song

15 June 2019


Venue: Kennington Park, London SE11

Organiser: The Irwin Clarks

The Irwin Clarks are Molly and Rosa; a sisters duo who condemn formal education to be tedious at best and deadly at worst. On a lighter note, we have been belting showtunes together since 1994 but, more recently, have worked on performance projects surrounding housing, feminism and public spaces. We've made a few appearances as Antiuni organisers. Please don't be put off by our double-barrelled surname.

This is a participatory singing workshop in which we will teach and learn songs, old and new, that expose poor working conditions throughout history. We will sing, discuss and eat our way through the workshop, focusing on feminisms, fighting and futures. No singing experience necessary. The event will be very informal and non-judgemental - we are not pro singers (well, Rosa is semi-pro). It will be fun. Bring along some picnic snacks to share or a work song if you’d like to teach one to the group.