Land for What? Land for Whom? Land Rights Struggles in the UK Today

7 September 2021


Venue: Antiuni Online: Virtual Classroom 1

Organiser: People's Land Policy

The question of who owns, controls, and benefits from land underlies all our struggles for social and environmental justice: for truly affordable housing, for good quality locally grown food for our communities, for more green space, and for land use systems that help restore ecological systems and combat climate change. Decisions about how to use land and who benefits are largely made by the tiny minority who own the land: the aristocracy, agribusiness, corporations for whom land is an investment, and government agencies that are not controlled directly by the public such as the Forestry Commission and the Ministry of Defence. Many people are realising the importance of transforming the current land system and fighting for change. This session will first introduce the problems created by the current land system, consider what needs to change, and look at the growing movement for land justice.