Left Frame, a contemporary art club I

2 May 2020


Venue: Common House [online location]

Organiser: Irene Montero

Left Frame is a space for social interaction and collective thinking about contemporary art from a leftist perspective. It works in a similar fashion to a book club: before each gathering, we watch (individually) a work of art that we’ll discuss during our (online) get together.

The aim of this contemporary art club is to open up a space for political critical thought, comradeship and the exploration of horizontal ways of mediating art. Everybody is welcome: culture workers, students and people with an interest in contemporary art.

For our first gathering, we will be watching and discussing Harun Farocki’s “Workers Leaving the Factory” (1995), a work which reflects on industrial labour and some of its power conflicts. It will be interesting to think about the parallels between the issues raised in the film and the realities of work during the past month(s) under lockdown.

To join, please get a ticket on the Eventbrite link below. This event will take place via Jitsi.

Please bring suggestions of works of art (available in a digital format) that you would like to discuss in Left Frame’s upcoming events for the Antiuniversity June festival.