Maps: White Ordnance

16 June 2019


Venue: The Jago, 440 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA (entrance through 1 Richmond Road)

Organiser: Speaking Statues

Speaking Statues organises participatory discussion events around and about colonial symbols in London, and repurpose colonial symbols, in order to raise awareness about how British colonial history affects everyone in this country every day, including issues around migration, gender, race, and public services. Public spaces can be dominated by colonial symbols, recognising, discussing and repurposing them will bring our society closer together.

We propose an afternoon event based around participatory discussion and art activities on maps and colonialism. This would be followed by live comedy sketches from our group as well as other artists. The event will be exploring themes of colonial & postcolonial structuring of communities by maps. These themes which will be broken down through examining the different types of maps, who created them & importantly why they were created. How perception was created through maps and how these informed & still affect our understanding of communities. This will be explored through interactive art based activities, sketches and group discussion.