MAX for Beginners

12 June 2018


Venue: BEEF, Brunswick Club, 15-16 Brunswick Square, Bristol, BS2 8NX

Organiser: BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film)

BEEF (Bristol Experimental Expanded Film) is a film and sound collective supporting experimental practice in Bristol. BEEF provides an independent platform for artists’ production, distribution and critical engagement, predominantly focusing on experimental and analogue practices. BEEF members work together to organise events, screenings, performances, exhibitions, residencies, and workshops. The workshop will be led by Matthew Olden. Matthew is a Bristol based computer artist who makes interesting things by programming his computer. He makes a wide range of computer programs that make music, do visuals and manipulate data. Matthew then more often than not uses these programs in live performance.

MAX is a computer toolkit that connects sound, video, inputs and outputs, allowing you to mess around with them to create audio/visual instruments, tools and interactive environments. It offers the power of a high end programming language with the ease of use of Lego. It’s the go-to computer programme for experimenting with sound. Learn everything you need to know about how to use MAX in 3 hours.

The workshop is led by Matthew Olden, who has been using MAX for almost 20 years. He uses it every day to earn a living, compose, to experiment and to have fun.

Participants will be required to bring their own laptop/computer with the newest demonstration version of Max running on it here -