Migration and Capitalism

12 June 2018


Venue: LARC (London Action Resource Centre), 62 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES

Organiser: Plan C North/Northeast London

Plan C exists to organise in, beyond, and against capital. We think this requires the development of ideas and practices that are able to cohere together whilst at the same time being dynamic enough adapt to changes in our lives and our work. Whilst we try to avoid tying ourselves down to key principles and hallmarks, we strive to be a pluralist, non-rivalrous, and experimental organisation. We are also committed to movement building over organisation building. It is our intention as Plan C North London to use this as an opportunity to build stronger bonds of solidarity between people within the locality.

Plan C will lead a discussion on migration and capitalism, investigating how the current crisis has been caused by the present conditions of capitalist modernity, how it is key to reproducing those conditions, and how it can be a point of resistance against them.

We hope to create an inclusive and comradely space where people can not only discuss these issues, but begin to plan and strategise for new ways to overcome them.

No borders. Smash the state.