Misogyny, Patriarchy and Mental Experience

13 June 2018


Venue: The Common House, 5E Pundersons Gardens, London E2 9QG

Organiser: Mental Health Under Capitalism

Mental Health Under Capitalism is a collective of Anti-capitalists who are interested in the impact of how Capitalism effects our mental health, creating communities of care and support for one another. www.facebook.com/mentalhealthundercapitalism

Living in patriarchal societies shapes our external conditions, our relationships and the inner lives of all of us. For women and those who experience misogyny, we are told we are ‘mad’ when we express the realities of gender oppression; at the same time we are forced to survive a world that is crazy-making. This affects everything from how our access mental health services is obstructed and controlled, to the construction of a biomedical model of madness and indeed, how gender informs what it is to be ‘sane’, ‘functional’ and ‘productive’.

This workshop will aim to explore how mental distress is gendered; how misogyny and patriarchy polices our emotional lives; the coercion to perform happiness; and feminist perspectives on mental health resistance. It is open to people of all genders.