Modern Ace or the Seven Days Radio Broadcast

All week


Venue: Listen online on

Organiser: Camille Alena and Tristan Lavoyer

Camille Alena, born in 1986 in Switzerland, lives in London. Tristan Lavoyer, born in 1986 in France, Artist, lives in Lausanne Switzerland

What if we would all be rich and beatiful people who could flee sickness to live in tropical countries? What if we would finally end the commotions in our soul in order to make them public? And what if we could fully experience the critic of the affect as well as its representation as a place for social peace? Modern Ace

If the first broadcast was about mixing original content from invited artists who were participating to a marathon of emotions, the second broadcast went through several constitutive moments of the ductile and affective story of Françoise. The year the a new radio play trilogy will conclude this series by re-editing a known work ‘The Decameron from Giovanni Boccaccio’. Instead of rebuilding its matrix, it will be about excessively commenting on each part in order to recreate the discourses which are present in the stories and which guide this work. It is as if the foot notes would become the main page and the main text would become a pretext for the reader and listener to comprehend the contemporary production of meaning of this collection of stories.

The work will be broadcasted online for the whole duration of the Antiuniversity festival, from 9 June at 0:01am to 15 June 2018 at 11:59pm.