Music For Causes Discussion And Sing-along

13 June 2020


Venue: The Jago [online location]

Organiser: Kwaku BBM

An Anti-University Now 2020 and British Black Music Month 2020 presentation

We know music tackles more than just love and nothingness. In marking British Black Music Month 2020, Music Congress founder Kwaku will moderate a discussion with the audience and special guests about British black music records and videos that speak to specific causes, ideals or concepts.

The audience will be invited to suggest the records, which will first be discussed with a view to drilling down what cause the song speaks to, then the record or video will be played and the audience encouraged to join in a sing-along.

This is meant to be a fun, family-friendly Zoom online event, where there is a recognition and appreciation of the British black songs that say something, which the audience is expected to proactively engage in!

A Music Congress and Music4Causes led event.