No Money May Day Special

1 May 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]

Organiser: Sophie No Money 11

NO MONEY #11 MAYDAY SPECIAL, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Meeting @7:30pm till late GMT+1

Art, poetry, dancing, films, architecture, organising! In microbial freefall the impact booms across the shortfall, proven in all experiments by: Helen Dimos; Ralph Pritchard; Angry Workers of the World; D. P. Hunter; Asim Butt; Paige Murphy; Sam Keogh; Ben Beach; Mellanie Gilligan and Andrew Osborne. Crash the none in parched capacity. Of course the lockdown is a model of two or more societies, one, the Big, another, the Mutual. Refraction leads to mistaking one for the other. Follicles taut as drum glued to the antithetical sun.