No one watching, no outcome, no brief

1 May 2020


Venue: [online location]

Organiser: isobel the icing room

the icing room invites you to join a three-day communal making session that will take place in your own living space. For each afternoon of May Fest our radical intention is simply to make. Through this making we propose objects to connect and comfort. The objects we make become symbols of our surroundings, as we rely on the bits and pieces lying around the place, using up old resources, or revisiting things we started and abandoned.

Although we are isolated, this communal act creates lines of solidarity that stretch out far beyond ourselves, inviting reflections on labour and production, but also on more personal matters such as attention and togetherness. We are not alone. We will make some playlists to accompany our solitary voyages; these can feed into the process, or not. They will be made available at the start of each making session, which runs from 2pm-4pm. Participants are welcome to join us in all making sessions, or only one, as their mood and materials require.