Online facilitation for anxious souls

6 June 2020


Venue: Freedom [online location]

Organiser: holly Multi Species Research Group

Are you anxious? Are you a facilitator? Are you an attendee? Are you all of the above??

This is a skill share and discussion for those who want to find ways to make online events and workshops as accessible as possible for anxious audiences, and as enjoyable as possible for anxious facilitators.

The session will begin with a brief presentation of some practical tools for online events, followed by a discussion and skill share. We will be using the zoom platform as it seems to be the most frequently used, however the tools will be transferable to other spaces.

Please feel free to come either as an observer or as a participant in the discussion. You will not be required to talk unless you would like to.

Bring your suggestions and virtual grievances along and we can talk together about how best to negotiate the weird terrain of online events.

This event will be facilitated by Holly Hunter from the Multi Species Research Group. Holly is an artist and facilitator who is trying to make the best of her anxiety. M.S.R.G. are currently running their sessions online, and are trying to make their sessions as welcoming and un-intimidating as possible.