9 September 2021


Venue: Antiuni Online: Virtual Classroom 1

Organiser: Pause or Pay UK

Pause or Pay UK is inviting all studio-based learners from art and design universities/courses to join us in an open discussion of our national campaign! Our last year has been more than eventful and we need everyone to help shape the year ahead. Our aim has always been to be diverse and accommodating for all studio-based learners to change the future of arts higher education.

Come participate in our open meeting at Conway Hall to reflect on the previous year, learn more about how to self organise, how your university and student union can get involved and discuss strategies moving forward.

We want this to be an open discussion as we want Pause or Pay UK to be for all current studio-based learners.

Register here:

This is the virtual version of the open meeting. All attendees from the Conway Hall event also welcome to join the virtual event for more discussion.

Pause or Pay is a UK-wide student-led cross-university action group that emerged as a response to disruption of studio-based learning by COVID-19. To date, we have campaigned to MPs, initiated complaints procedures at various institutions, supported tuition fee strikes, and joined forces with other student organising groups to support a UK-wide student movement.