Queer Ecology Picnic

15 June 2019


Venue: Hampstead Heath (specifics tbc)

Organiser: Adam Clarke

I'm interested in the relationship between queerness and ecological campaigning and have read a bit around the subject but I'm absolutely not an expert. I'm really interested in the ideas and experiences that other people have to share.

A talk / discussion on the queerness of nature and queering ecological struggles. Also vegan potluck picnic.

Ideas of what is ‘natural’ have long been used to attack and oppress queer people but even a quick look at nature shows huge variety of sexual behaviour - what Bruce Bagemihl describes as ‘biological exuberance’. We will have a think about the queerness of nature beyond simply which animal does what to see what studying nature suggests about the existence of rules, categories and boundaries in sexuality and beyond.

We will look at ecological movements and consider the positioning of queer people and queerness itself within them and think about stereotypes of ‘urban gayness’ or ‘metronormativity’.

We will also consider how queerness can inform our green politics (eco-socialism / green anarchism etc) not as a bolt-on or side-line but as central to our understanding of the world and the way we organise.

This event will be a very informal and friendly talk / discussion and also a picnic we can share together as we talk. So please bring some food to share with the other folk that turn up. In the ecological spirit please bring vegan food without single use plastic!

Image by David Prasad (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/)