Reggae Intimate Yard Party: Celebrating women in Sound System Culture

16 June 2019


Venue: Grow, 98C Wallis Road, Main Yard, E9 5LN

Organiser: Jessica Quinlan

Albion Sound is a sound sytem originally donated by The Albion Kids Show, a Hackney based play group that was resident in Hackney Wick for many years before their recent displacement from the old bus depot on Eastway. It also comprised of some components originally from the Pegasus Club in Tottenham and was in a semi/non-working condition. Its restoration by Ted Wood, Jess Quinlan and Pete Bennett began in 2018 -and is very much an ongoing process, with the three seeing themselves as custidians of this historic system, with a view for it to be shared with the community, and used to celebrate sound system culture with guest DJ's and engineers.

Albion Sound is a Hackney-based Soundsystem. It has been restored and developed from the original system donated by Albion Kids Show Childrens Charity. It follows a DIY aesthetic and is interested in celebrating and recording Soundsystem culture.

For the AntiUniversity 2019 we propose to host a reggae yard party. The yard provides a public setting open to everyone to enjoy the music.

During 3pm - 4pm we’ll inviting all women who feel connected to sound system culture to share their experiences through open-mic toasting.

We encourage women to bring records they’d like to play out as well as any items that communicate their experiences of being connected to sound system culture such as, photographs, records, posters or even items of clothing. Throughout the afternoon, Albion Sound aims to document these stories and items, through photographs, text, audio recordings and drawings to produce co-authored works.

Potential Speakers: Dubplate Pearl and Maxine Miller.

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