Remembering smell: a sensorial landscape of your practice

7 June 2020


Venue: Ridley Road Market Bar [online location]

Organiser: Kiproula Re(s)public & Sophie

About us

Re(s)public collective is an interdisciplinary research collective. We rethink the narratives of space and its related disciplines through critical design, fine arts and architecture. We believe in conversation, learning through making, and in the future, offering space for reflection on art and creative practice through research. Sophie Mak-Schram is an art historian, educator, (creative) writer and occasional performer, whose past projects include Overheard Map and Tail Bend Travel. She is interested in how we know and what forms that knowledge can take. She likes to make playful, intentionally uncertain work in collaboration with others.

Brief description

Smell is a sense that contains a rich amount of knowledge, culture, and history. What might we learn or tell through smell, that we cannot learn or tell through other means? As our lifestyles (privileged as they are) tend towards the visual and the verbal - think of the many Zoom calls, emails, and texts we exchange daily - this workshop invites you to think about smell as a means of knowing. Smell is a sense that is intimately interwoven into memory-making, and yet one we often do not discuss informal, academic, or institutional contexts.

During this workshop, participants will compose a scent that explains (an aspect of) their creative or activist practice, and reflect on the role smell does and can play in new forms of knowledge. This workshop also aims to offer/build new forms of communication and experience between participants, creating connections of new sensorial practice.