Rip it up! Fast-fashion gets needled

10 September 2021


Venue: Conway Hall: Bertrand Russell Room

Organiser: Henry Kenyon

Throw-away-culture needs a good talking to.

This culture doesn’t want you to save money, love your clothes and love yourself.

From 3pm - 6pm, you can:

Fix and alter your clothes to finally fit! (such as hemming trousers inches too long) Learn some beautiful and/or wacky visible repairs Share your own knowledge and teach us a thing or two.

Sewing machines, needles and thread will be provided as well as surplus fabric.

What do you need to bring?

One or two things to alter or fix. Maybe one thing by hand and one thing by machine. An experimental mood. Absolutely no sewing skills

Spaces will be limited. It depends how many machines and machinists we have!

Email to reserve a spot.

This is going to be very exciting, or terrifying if the sewing machines acquire sentience and mobility and attack us.