Sickle Cell Disorder: Killing Me Softly?

14 June 2018


Venue: 1b Madinah Road, London, E8 1PG

Organiser: Solace SG

Solace SG is a support group for people with Sickle Cell Disorder & Thalassaemia has been running for two years now, and we aim to help our members live well with Sickle Cell. We look at health in a holistic way which provide avenues for care beyond the purely medical approach. We encourage our members to use any methods that can contribute towards better overall health such as Thai Massage, Yoga, Tai Chi, and counselling.

A radio show for our members and others to come together and discuss SCD and thalassaemia, the ways in which these disorders affect us, and the possible repercussions in terms of life expectancy, quality of life, mental health, earning capacity and job choice and retention.

A short journey into the idea of the disease as a gentle erosion of life: despite the obvious episodes of pain, it might be the more subtle stuff of which we are less aware that is more damaging to us in the long run, and it is this which is hurting us more and slowly killing us.