Slogan and Badge-Making Workshop

19 June 2019


Venue: Freedom Shop

Organiser: Ken Flaherty of Doomed Projects and Simon Cole of Hackney Tours

Doomed Projects brought non-commercial photography shows to Dalston for evenings that were the stuff of local legend. More recently Doomed Gallery hosted free Humanities seminars. Hackney Tours has been walking the fine line between alternative tourism and activism since 2012, looking at radical history and contemporary contested space through the #HackneyDifferent filter. Both Ken and Simon have been members of a Situationist reading group and are interested in how shared learning can enable us to better understand the world around us.

Words are weapons: create a slogan within a group or individually in this relaxed 2hr workshop. As a jumping off point we’ll briefly explore the famous slogans of the Situationist movement.

In the unrest of Paris 1968, street posters and graffiti provoked people to question everything: “Art is dead, don’t consume the corpse”; “The boss needs you, you don’t need him.”

You can draw, scan or collage printed text. Together, we will then create 10 badges each. You can take them home or swap them with others on the day!

This is going to be a relaxed session, so if you want to bring snacks or drinks, feel free. Possible pub ‘debrief’ afterwards if all this thinking has made you thirsty.