10 June 2018


Venue: Red Lion Square, London WC1R

Organiser: Hélène Garcia

Hélène Garcia plays with the threshold of visibility of social and economic conditions which recover an artistic practice. She develops the stakes in the relational aesthetics towards a processual shape, which questions its own complications, its hidden part, involving «the mercato» (the market of transfers), this new disciplinary mutation. The economic model of free-trading makes in all the scales a composite, a continuous speculation. It is necessary to join, to find relays and it is this game of communicating vessels that makes a history behind the history, which interests the artist … An endless «storytelling», as an unknown figure, which she tells.

Offering a snack as a halte during ANTIUNIVERSITY 2018. The snack will be a piece of home baked brioche representing, on a small scale, an on going sculpture project.

As part of the program «the directors Paris» introduced by the artist Fabrice Hyber, I am developing, in association with the business school HEC and partners working with bronze, a vast feminine, wired metal sculpture, «witch in tightropes» which I intend to make disappear and reappear in a forest, by the sea, to create a myth, an extrapolation around the totemic existence of it.

In order to expand the project and ‘feed the myth’, I will love to share literally this project with contributors, learning from their feedback. This experience could improve my current research and be an opportunity to gather around some tasty treats.