Soundscaping the Lockdown

2 May 2020


Venue: Mayday Rooms [online location]

Organiser: Roy Smith

Between the two Anti-University Festivals this year, I would like to collaborate with a group of people to create and evolve a sound collage documenting experiences of lockdown.

The result may include field recordings, clips from news reports or TV programs, conversations, musical elements - sounds found or made and layered upon each other.

We will be using Soundtrap to collect and mix the track. Soundtrap is an online DAW (multitrack recording platform) that lets multiple people record, add effects, edit, remove and change the recording either simultaneously or when they feel like it.

To kick things off, I will be hosting a Zoom chat on the 2nd May at 2pm to discuss ideas, explain Soundtrap and work out how best to work. You can register for the Zoom call on the ticket link. I have also set up a Facebook event to share ideas, arrange and organise other meetings and Soundtrap sessions.

I am also keen to hear from people who just want to share an interesting sound clip to add to the collage. Please message me if this is you at

Depending on how those involved feel, we will either create one or a number of tracks that will be sent over to Strike Radio to add to their 24-hour stream.

Register for the Zoom meet at:

And join the Facebook event at: