Staging Activism (Through Performance Art)

20 June 2019


Venue: Shoreditch Town Hall 380 Old Street London EC1V 9LT

Organiser: Tomi Kassim

A passionate Humanitarian and Activist, Tomi has a BA in Performing Art (Dance) from University of Bedfordshire, and is a qualified GCSE Math Teacher. Tomi is a Visiting Lecturer of Performing Art, who has tutored at University of East London and Royal Holloway University. She is undertaking an MA in Site-Specific Theatre, leading to PhD research under the title ‘Staging Activism’: Can Staged Activism Change Political and Cultural Behaviour?, whilst delivering a self-written undergraduate degree module of the same title.

Staging Activism offers an introduction into key concepts that have been used since the 1900s to refer to protest art practices. Students will engage with examples of both historical and current practices that illustrate the artistic potentials of agitprop theatre, whilst making of a piece of performance-based work with a view to developing and refining professional skills. Students will be able to articulate the theories that underpin a particular performance piece that they have created, remaining immersed in the practicalities of the art alongside the crucial reflection on the thought processes that underpin it. A key term within this course is ‘Interdisciplinary’ art. Activism: A global meaning of activism is culturally and academically embedded within the module design and delivery, thus locating an opportunity to elicit an engaged participation from those familiar with the tools and cognitive frameworks (such as semantics and visual signposts) of both oppressed and oppressor. The term ‘Activism’ also aligns to other anthropological types of religious application. Students will collaborate on an education based performance workshop around the theme of activism.