The Class Works Project Introduce Lumpen: A Journal of poor and Working Class Writing and other things

12 June 2020


Venue: Conway Hall [online location]

Organiser: D.P Hunter

The Class Work Project is an Educational and Publishing Workers Co-Op set up by Poor and Working Class Organisers.

Our main publication, “Lumpen: a Journal for Poor and Working Class Writing” is exactly what it sounds like. First hand accounts of lives on the rock face of austerity, critical assessments of the state of the left, the UK, and the international. Touching on the intersections of race, gender, mental and physical health. Discussions of violence, sex, identity, family, exclusion, education and loss.

In this event some folks who have written for the journal will discuss their work, and we’ll chat about the purpose of the Journal, and why it’s more nessacary than ever.

We’ll also present some of our other work, and what we’re looking to do in the future.