The Forum Workshops

13 June 2018


Venue: Goldsmiths University, Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW

Organiser: The Forum

The Forum was recently opened to address the multidimensional experiences of people of colour at Goldsmiths University, its peripheries and beyond. We are a horizontal platform who meet weekly through a rotating chair system. Drawing upon the radical framework of writer bell hooks, her monumental Teaching to Transgress text best informs the intentions of this community, that is, to educate, transgress and create. We insist on this principle in order to construct collaborative decolonizing resistances against the colonial, capitalist, patriarchal and cis-heteronormative systems that work against our marginalised bodies.

This June, The Forum will host an experiment in imagining what a decolonised university could look like, for and by us. The event will aim to weave together a response to the undying question of how black, brown and othered bodies at our university and beyond can move beyond the limitations of symbolic and physical violence and move towards the liberating practise of self-actualisation. The format will be ‘workshops’ where students and other guests will host alternative seminar spaces on topics of their choosing. There is no brief.

-Participation in the conference will be open to students and wider public -The venue is fully accessible, all are welcome.