The knead to share

17 June 2019


Venue: May Day Rooms (Kitchen) 88 Fleet St London EC4Y 1DH

Organiser: Georgia Tsagka

Educator, artist and researcher, interested in colonialism and post-colonial, feminist interpretations of cultural heritage. Born in Greece, lives and works in the UK.

Stemming from Pyotr Kropotkin’s anarchist stances, analysed in The Conquest of Bread, this workshop proposes a simple act of emancipation: to claim the preparation and sharing of bread, a type of food whose variations form an everyday dietary preference across multiple cultural paradigms. In Kropotkin’s book, bread is not only a critique of the feudalist and capitalist systems but also a metaphor for wellbeing as a human right and the potential individuals have to shape a better social world. Throughout a relaxing, interactive, hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to choose and identify ingredients as well as their different health benefits and will go through a step-by-step, accessible to all, process of preparing, kneading and baking dough.