The Olympian Games

16 June 2019


Venue: Reformer's Tree (500m from Speaker's Corner), Hyde Park, London W2 2AR, UK

Organiser: sChOoL withOuT frOntiers

sChOoL🤸‍♀️withOuT frOntiers⛵️ is an open movement created around the sChOlus‍‍‍🤝pOcUS!, the Teal Team Lab and the Flying Carpet Caravan school projects. An experiment to 🙏Meet 🤝Share 🚀Create ⛵️Travel 🤸‍♀️ ..Play! and like the AntiUni, share any knowledge, in any form, for anyone, anywhere. (a very FOR PROFIT organization 🙈 : We love to multiply laughter and good spirit around - free of charge :)

Straight out of their cycladic cradle in Greece (AMORgos island) THE SCoLuS💦 PoCUS oLYMPiAN GAMeS✨🤸‍♀️ hit the City! Let’s Sport! :’)Game rule is simple : win the laurels of pleasure and be an Olympian champion! :-p (spreading love and laughter is also valid;-)How would that unfold? What would be the undisciplined disciplines of an uncompetitive (and possibly downright incompetent😝) competition ?Let our legs and imagination run free! (at peace pace;)Check past olympiands here for the flame of inspiration.On Amorgos island, the word was simple : all athletes would strive to make the sun shine ever brighter and become one with their divine nature.So after a masterly amateur ceremony, athletes didn’t compete into several disciplines : ^^🤸‍♀️not-so-long-jump (self-assessed)^^🍊pass-me-the-orange challenge^^🍭unsystematic system games (collectively uncoordinated) ^^🍉weird walk de-race (assesed by a certified jury, awarding strict marks ranging from “Helichryssum amorginum” to “Prasium Majus”)^^🍋bad-bag-jumping-crawling ^^🏄‍♀️sinking raft underwater surfing ^^🥗pic-nic delikatessen advantage ^^🐳siesta master tournament ^^🌸beach rubbish-volley bin trophy ^^💦laughter free runs (collective sport)Ready? set, go!Music instruments also welcome for the ceremony.And, oh yes! - * 🥗⚠ Remember to train well for the collective pic-nic contest!! (=bring some delicacies to share on the lawn😉).