Thinking and not thinking with your body

14 June 2018


Venue: Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL

Organiser: Roxana Bacian and Zahra Davidson

Zahra Davidson and Roxana Bacian co-founded Enrol Yourself in 2016, a social enterprise set up to reimagine lifelong learning through the power of peer groups. Since then Roxana has been working with groups and individuals to develop creative sessions and activities that boost their physical imagination. She designs movement sessions that propose a move from a solely cognitive-based model of community and project development towards one that allows for nonsense and mystery through using dance, poetry, sound and visual imagery. Zahra is Director of Enrol Yourself. She is a certified coach and a designer by background. She is interested in the role of learning in reaching for sustainability, the intersection between design and learning experiences, and a holistic approach to learning and development that includes the physical body as well as the mind.

The head is ruler of the body, right? We overlook the potential of the body to contribute to our lives, our work, our creative practice, our sense of wellness. As the pace of our lives grows faster and faster, for many of us, the body becomes simply the fleshy vehicle which takes our head from place to place.

We propose a new assumption: it’s not all about the head, it’s about the whole. What if we rememberd our body more often in our daily lives? How might this help us think with more clarity, widen our imagination, makes us feel content, alive and connected?

In this session the movements of the everyday will become our inspiration. We’ll take you through a series of short tasters, activities and experiments that will infuse your old physical habits with newness and non-sense. We’ll use our material to put together a group montage or performance.

What you’ll get from it:

  • A bunch of ideas to play with
  • Tools to re-wild yourself without leaving the city
  • A recording of the group work to take away and share