Trauma, Tracksuits and Class Traitors

7 June 2020


Venue: Conway Hall [online location]

Organiser: D.P Hunter

D. Hunter presents extracts from his upcoming book “Trauma, Tacksuits and Class Traitors” as well as talking about his old book “Chav Solidarity”. Using the lived experiences of the author’s first 25 years as a child sex worker, drug tealer, prisoner, thief and violent thug, “Trauma, Tracksuits and Class Traitors” and “Chav Solidarity” class dynamics in social movements, the demonization of folks in poverty and why carceral abolition matters.

D might also go on abit about why the journal he co-edits “Lumpen: A Journal for Poor and Working Class People” is more important now then ever, and what the Class Work Project is all about.