Unrest and the Trench: British anarchism 1909-1919

18 June 2019


Venue: Freedom Bookshop, 84b Angel Alley, London E9 6NX

Organiser: Freedom Press

Donnacha DeLong is a syndicalist trade unionist and journalist with a particular interest in the Great Unrest. Rob Ray is an editor and publishing group member at Freedom Press, and author of A Beautiful Idea, charting Freedom's 133-year history.

As we near the end of the 2010s, Donnacha DeLong and Rob Ray go back 100 years to the 1910s, a period which included both the high point of syndicalism and the lowest ebb of anarchism in Britain. In 1909 anarchists were in the thick of the Great Unrest, a strike wave which terrified the Establishment. A decade later, the murderous conflict of World War I would leave British anarchism on its knees, split, traumatised, its strength dead in the mud. The ’10s decided much of what would define our movement for decades to come — even to this very day.