11 June 2018


Venue: LIGHT EYE MIND, 176 Blackstock Road, London N5 1HA

Organiser: Anna Wolfe-Pauly & Dorian Braun

Anna Wolfe-Pauly is an American artist who has been making work around concepts of attention and observation for over 10 years. Dorian Braun’s practice lies in attuning to a liberty that consists in the development of all the material, intellectual and moral powers that are latent in him and each person. He is based in Scotland. Anna and Dorian are working to develop a methodology around how sensation and listening shape environmental dialogue. This work has culminated in listening workshops and texts on the method.

The warm up is a slow or incremental exercise meant to create a condition in the body for strenuous activity to safely take place. The feeling of heat begins to enter the body. It is the sensation of blood going to your skin. Rapport is the flow between two individuals. Limbic resonance is the capacity of sharing deep emotional states through empathic harmony. Within an interaction, the rapport becomes an entity. My face changes when the other person’s face changes. The atmosphere between us becomes warm and expressive.

Warmth is a soft skill. When do you sense your own warmth? How do you become warm to another? We will come together to explore the dynamics of relational warmth. We will engage in a variety of “warm ups” that encourage emotional and physical tenderness. We will warm up to be warm.