WE take the NIGHT

9 June 2018


Venue: The Monument, Monument St, EC3R 8AH

Organiser: Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

My name is Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, a British-Chilean. London based dance artist and choreographer, working independently and collaboratively since 2009. Working with composers, visual artists, music producers, pop/punk bands, choreographers and dance artists takes my work into galleries and alternative performance contexts. My work is concerned with experience and transformation between public and private bodies. A movement towards re-experiencing and reorienting inside the multi dimensional shifting realities of a body. Voice-bodies emerge from my thinking body. I recently finished an MA in Creative Practice at Independent Dance and Trinity Laban.

An exploration of being in the streets by and for those vulnerable to sexual or gender based violence and harassment. A night-time tour of London looking at harassment and violence on our streets, and tracing the movements and collective actions against them. Through walking together and experiential body explorations in outdoor public space we will challenge what the city enables us to do and be.

…As the sun sets

WE meet at dusk to start a new kind of night… shifting qualities of space and sensation.

WE will bring our bodies into the present and together reimagine London by night as a safe place for us to rest, walk, engage, exploring each other and our surroundings.

WE will hear different voices mapping the landmarks and histories of social movements to reclaim the streets.

WE will have space and time for speaking about our experiences.

WE will dance, touch, and explore bring intimacy, explore with eyes closed and open.

WE will bring our bodies to work with new collective ways of being in public space, creating space for ourselves of our own design and desires.

WE take the NIGHT