What is the point? From smartphone to cyanotype

9 June 2018


Venue: Doomed Gallery, 65/67 Ridley Road, Dalston, E8 2NP

Organiser: Tina Rowe in collaboration with Doomed Gallery

Doomed Gallery is a photography and visual art exhibition space located on Ridley Road Market in East London. We work closely with students, community collectives, emerging photographers and visual artists. Doomed Gallery encourages DIY culture creating an open and inclusive space. Doomed Gallery supports and provides space for alternative activities for educators, students and members of the public offering free workshops, peer to peer events and talks. Tina Rowe is an artist who works across photography, sculpture and performance. She is interested in exploring collective histories through collaboration and making. She runs community based workshops that fuse current technology with historical darkroom less and camera less process.

Living in a time where self obsession is the key for our daily performance, Tina Rowe and Doomed Gallery teamed up to offer a unique workshop during the Antiuniversity Festival to let us be who we truly are - Digital Narcissist. We are going to spend an afternoon workshop session, learning how to combine old and new media.

Tina Rowe will give us an introduction to the cyanotype process, which was discovered in the mid 19th century by Herschel and show us how we can create something new with this old photographic process. Using cyanotype to reproduce our own image onto a T-shirt, will be the main challenge of this workshop.

If you are still asking yourself what the point is, well for us the point is to have FUN and leave a cool workshop with your own self made selfie T-Shirt.

But ‘What is the point for you?’ is something we are trying to answer collectively in this philosophically inspiring and FUN workshop session.

Bring along some drinks and snacks! Don’t wear your fanciest outfit, because this is actually a workshop where you might get a little dirty.