Woodwork as we want it

10 June 2018


Venue: To be arranged on booking

Organiser: Jonathan Hoskins

Jonathan Hoskins once studied 3d materials practice, where he learned the skills to make things in workshops from wood, metals and plastics, to support his practice as a writer and visual artist.

This session is for 2-4 people who feel unwanted expectations to behave differently when they pick up hand tools and power tools.

Together, we will perform a simple construction task that will be decided in advance by the group, such as making a box, or fixing a broken piece of furniture.

Making and fixing tasks like these are empowering but they, and the equipment needed to perform them, are not gender- or class-neutral. The purpose of the session is to use readings, discussion and practical work to think about how these tasks can be performed differently, to learn from recent historical examples, and to do it ourselves.

An optional reading list will be distributed before the event to introduce relevant questions around ergonomics, craft, ‘good practice’, collective working, performativity and gender- and class-politics.

Tools will be provided and a full introduction will be given to each one for safety, where necessary.

The venue will be chosen to accommodate the practical task chosen by the group. It could be a workshop or a group member’s home.

Applications may be made as an individual or as a group of between two and four. People of all woodworking skill levels who are open to learning and unlearning are welcome, from absolute beginner to expert.