WTF is Reproduction #3: The Fight for Childcare is on!

17 June 2019


Venue: Leyton Trinity Methodist Church, 280 High Rd Leyton, London E10 5PW

Organiser: Women's Strike Assembly

Camille, Miranda and Claire are organisers with the Women's Strike Assembly in London

It’s 2019: climate change, war and greed are destroying the planet. Year after year is the hottest on record and in the UK 1 in every 14 people are using food banks while children eat out of bins. We need our children to be tough, confident, kind, loving, happy and skilful, because they’re the only ones who can get us out of the mess we’re in. But our society’s childcare is not up to the task. Nursery staff are terribly paid and terribly undervalued, there is a crisis in places, staff turnover means children cannot form the attachment relationships they so badly need, and parents have to spend all their wages in order to leave them there. We are setting up a different model of childcare - cooperative nurseries - because we believe Early Years provision should be: free open to all stable nurturing of physical and mental health designed to help children become confident, happy, kind, loving and tough child centred well paid and well respected at the centre of our communities educating children about the state of the world empowering children to take action What does an alternative strategy for early years provision look like? What would it mean to run our own nurseries in our local communities? In this session we will discuss how to push forward with the ideas and demands from 8 March Mums on Strike events. We will run a Stay and Play and make space to chat while we sing and play.